First Christian Church Ventura

Our Church in Action

Our church shares space with Jewish Synagogue Am HaYam. We have a beautiful partnership with them. This is Pastor Jonathan with Rabbi J.B. Sacks.

FCC is an intentional inter-genational church. We prefer to not divide our church into separate groups. Instead, we seek to have worship that speaks to all ages. This is a picture of two disciples at our church. We see beauty in the young playing with the “not so young.”

FCC participates in interfaith events that seek to help our community. To the left, is a picture from an interfaith harvest at the Abundant Table Farm.

FCC is actively engaged in social justice issues. This photo is from our interfaith march in Ventura in December 2016.

First Christian Church seeks to find ways to add beauty to our community and world. One way that we do it is through a partnership with local social service agencies and motels to offer free showers to our neighbors who are currently experiencing homelessness.

We are able to be bold in our outreach because we sold our former church property. Thus, all offerings can go towards adding beauty rather than paying rent, mortgage, salaries, etc.

FCC believes in speaking up for those without a voice. This is a picture from the annual memorial service for people who have died on our streets. We lost 53 of our neighbors in 2016 – from ages 2 hours to 81 years.

We believe that God has called us to be a blessing in the world. Below, this is a photo from a blessing on a Sunday morning.

We believe it is important to enable youth to grow up in a challenging world. Each Sunday, children and youth are offered a time of “Godly Play” during worship were they learn about the biblical story. Afterwards, children and youth can go to Sunday school.

Here is a picture of some of our children during Sunday school.

Pastor Jonathan tries to find various ways for people to engage with the worship theme. Below, you can see a makeshift communion table using an old door.

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