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About Jonathan

Rev. Dr. Jonathan B. Hall

Pastor Jonathan was lovingly dragged to church as a child. His Sunday school teachers were thrilled when, at the age of fifteen, he informed the congregation of his call to ministry.

Pastor Jonathan often proclaims that we are all welcome at Christ’s table no matter where we are on life’s journey, including times of doubt and struggle. He believes that our church is an exciting place to call home and be part of something larger. At FCC, we are asking tough questions about where God is leading us today and tomorrow. You are welcome to join us, as you may be asking yourself where you will be today and tomorrow.

Pastor Jonathan invites you to bring your questions to our church. At FCC, there is no need to check your brain at the door. We encourage faith that causes you to ask questions rather than settle for shallow answers. Of course, education is important. If we are not educated, we can go down dangerous paths of exclusion and not learn from our mistakes. Pastor Jonathan continues to make plenty of mistakes, but knows that it is “all good… if we can learn and grow from it.”

Jonathan has served numerous congregations in varying capacities in Kentucky, Alabama, and Missouri since 2002. Before serving as the pastor at First Christian Church, Ventura, he was the Associate Pastor of Children and Youth at Overland Christian Church in Saint Louis, Missouri.



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